111th MSG:111th Marine Strike Group

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Welcome to the 111th Marine Strike Group (Bluegrass Stallions) aboard the USS Commonwealth.

The 111th is a part of the Starfleet Marine Corps. Its Branch of Service is Special Operations. The Marines are the ground forces of the Federation. We take the fight to the enemy and pound them into the ground. It takes a lot to become a STARFLEET Marine. Hard work, dedication and commitment to STARFLEET and to the Corps.

The 111th’s members have varying interests. Some are in it just for fun. Some see a higher calling and participate in charity work, such as the USMC® Toys for Tots Program. Others join to take courses from the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy. No matter what your interest is, there is mostly likely an activity that we do that will interest you.

Unit Roster

Rank Name Position Status
Lilly t col.png
Tracy Lilly MSG Officer-In-Charge Active
Lt Colonel (Reserve)
Allen c ltcol(reserve).png
Christopher Allen MSG Deputy Officer-In-Charge Reserve
Lt Colonel
Schroeder m ltcol.png
Megan Schroeder Medical Officer-In-Charge Active