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USS Commonwealth Constitution

Prior to relocation to Tennessee homport

We the fans of the Star Trek Television series, Do here by come together to form a nonprofit organization in the United States of America, commonwealth state of Kentucky, township of Richmond fore which, hereafter shall be known as the “USS Commonwealth”. To rightfully pursue the ideals of the of the Star Trek universe as depicted in the Star Trek Television series. We therefore now establish this USS Commonwealth Constitution.

Article 1

Section 1: Membership

I. All persons seeking membership to the USS Commonwealth shall not be turned down membership regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, or physical impairment.

II. All members shall hold a status of “active” or “inactive”. All persons who are in compliance with membership requirements shall be deemed able to vote in all USS Commonwealth elections of President (Commanding Officer) and Vice President (Executive Officer).

III. All Members have the right to cancel his or her membership with the USS Commonwealth at any time. The individual(s) must submit either in writing or through electronic mail to the Operations Officer of the USS Commonwealth their membership cancellation.

Section 2: Rights and Responsibilities

I. All members shall receive a membership packet per annual membership.
II. All members shall receive the official USS Commonwealth bi-monthly newsletter publication, INTERCOM.
III. All members have the right to transfer from one chapter to another. The Individual(s) must obtain permission from both Commanding Officers.
IV. All members have the right to engage in all USS Commonwealth activities. This includes the right to part take in the fictional ranks as presented to us from the Star Trek universe.
V. All members have the right to attend STARFLEET Academy.
VI. All members have the right to apply for any shipboard, STARFLEET, or Region One position he or she feels they are justifiably qualified for.
VII. All Members have the right to due process.
VIII. All members have the right for all opinions, as well as sides, of an issue to be heard before any judgment is rendered.
IX. All members have the right to appeal all judgments to the Regional Coordinator of Region One.
X. All member have the right to informed of any available shipboard , STARFLEET, and Region One position as well as the application process for the available position.
XI. All members have the right to have fun.

Article 2: Organizational Structure

Section 1: Organization

I. The administrative body of the USS Commonwealth shall be the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall compose of the President (Commanding Officer), Vice President (Executive Officer) and Operations Officer.
II. The Advisory Counsel, herein called Department Heads, shall compose of 5 departments of the USS Commonwealth. These 5 departments shall be Communications, Science, Security, Engineering, and Ship Stores.
III. The Judicial body which shall henceforth be known as the Judge Advocate shall consist of 12 members form the USS Commonwealth membership duly selected by the President (Commanding Officer) of the USS Commonwealth to overhear, investigate, and rule on matters concerning members of the USS Commonwealth and the USS Commonwealth Constitution.

Section 2: Offices

I. All candidate for USS Commonwealth President and Vice President must be 18 years of age, be a member in good standing in the USS Commonwealth, have taken both and passed the Officers Training Course and Officers Command College from STARFLEET Academy.
II. The President, hence forth shall be known as the Commanding Officer, of the USS Commonwealth. He or she is responsible for the overall administration and supervision of the organization, as well as representing the USS Commonwealth in an official capacity to other organizations and to the general public. He or she is also charged with the financial wellbeing of the USS Commonwealth and has the authority to appoint the organizations Operations Officer and Judge Advocates.
III. The Vice President, hence forth to be known as the Executive Officer, of the USS Commonwealth is responsible for assisting the Commanding Officer with the daily operation of the organization. He or she is next in line to become the Commanding Officer should the Commanding Officer become unable to full his or her duties as Commanding Officer.
IV. The Operations Officer is responsible for the overall smooth operations between the membership of the USS Commonwealth and STARFLEET as well as maintaining and administering all membership applications, computer records, databases, and website.
V. The Communications Officer is responsible for the publication of the USS Commonwealth’s official newsletter INTERCOM as well as any official forms relating to the US S Commonwealth.
VI. The Science Officer is responsible for the administration and development of all scientific programs that the USS Commonwealth shall in engage in.
VII. The Security Officer shall oversee to the security matters of the USS Commonwealth and preside as Master of Arms for the online meetings of the USS Commonwealth. He or she may also be called upon by the Judge Advocate to assist them in carrying out matters concerning the USS Commonwealth or its members.
VIII. The Engineering Officer has the responsibility of the daily maintenance and repair of the USS Commonwealth. He or she shall make available to STARFLEET Headquarters any and all documents that denote any changes made to the Intrepid class starship that the USS Commonwealth is current register as with STARFLEET.
IX. Ship Stores Officer has the responsibility for the purchase and sell of any USS Commonwealth merchandise to the membership.

Article 3: Ranks And Promotions

Section 1: Ranks

I. Fictional ranks shall be awarded to all members of the USS Commonwealth. These ranks alone do not give any member authority over another member in the organization or that of any STARFLEET and its subsidiaries.
II. Only the Commanding Officer can bestow the rank of Recruit to Commander. Ranks beyond Commander are subject to approval from the President of STARFLEET The International Star Trek Fan Club Association, Inc.

Officers Enlisted Marine
Ensign Crewman Recruit Private
Lt. JG Crewman Apprentice PFC
Lt. Crewman Lance Corporal
Lt. Cmdr Petty Officer 3rd Class Corporal
Cmdr Petty Officer 2nd Class SGT
Capt Petty Officer 1st Class Staff SGT
Fleet Capt Chief Petty Officer Gunnery SGT
Commodore Senior CPO 1st SGT
Rear Admiral Master CPO SGT Major
Vice Admiral 2nd Lieutenant
Fleet Admiral 1st Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General

Section 2: Promotions

I. Promotions are awarded for service, as a reward for a job well done, and for increased responsibilities within the USS Commonwealth.
II. Promotions will be made for only one rank at a time and must be documented and recorded by the Operations Officer.
III. Those being promoted above their current rank must have a promotions request form submitted to the Operations Officer who will review it and present it to the Commanding Officer for approval.

Article 4: Elections

Section 1: Office Requirements

I. Members may make nominations for the office of Commanding Officer.
II. Only those members of the USS Commonwealth who are at least 18 years of age and have completed both the Officers Training School and Officers Command College from STARFLEET Academy can run for the officer of Commanding Officer.
III. Nominees have the right to reject their nomination of Commanding Officer.
IV. The candidate for Commanding Officer has the right to select from amongst the membership of the USS Commonwealth his or her running mate for the officer of Executive Officer.
V. The Candidate for Executive officer must be at least 18 years of age have completed Officers Training School and Officer Command College from STRAFLEET Academy.
VI. The candidate for Executive Officer has the right to reject the nomination of Executive Officer.
VII. The election of Commanding Officer of the USS Commonwealth shall take place on the first day in December with the newly elected Commanding Officer and Executive Officer beginning their administration on January first of the following year..
VIII. At the time of the Command Officer election the Operations Officer shall collect, tally, and report the outcome of the USS Commonwealth Commanding Officer election to the membership via the official USS Commonwealth newsletter INTERCOM and through the USS Commonwealth’s Yahoo Group.

Article 5: Term of Office

Section 1: Office duration

I. The office of Commanding Officer and Executive Officer shall be for two years and commence on the first day of January of the following year.
II. No administration shall go beyond a 4 year limit unless there are no candidates running for the office of Commanding Officer.
III. If there are no candidates running for the office of Commanding Officer a vote of confidence shall be taken from the membership.
IV. The term of office for the Judge Advocates shall be no more than 4 years.

Article 6: Removal From Office

Section 1: Petition for Removal

I. Should the membership of the USS Commonwealth become dissatisfied with the performance of the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, or any member of the Department Head and after fist exhausting all other avenues to reconcile their differences with said individual(s) shall petition the Judge Advocates to initiate a process to remove said individual(s) from office. Upon receiving a petition of at least 25% of all member of the USS Commonwealth the Judge Advocates then present to the Commanding Officer the petition and any findings from their investigation of the allegations against said individuals.
II. Any Judge Advocate may recuse himself/herself and any of his/her staff from the matter only if he/she believes that his/her participation in the matter would create a conflict of interest.
III. Therefore if this were the case the matter would then befall to the Operations Officer to carry out and present his/her findings to the Executive Committee of the USS Commonwealth.
IV. The Executive Committee shall deliberate on the matter and then by a majority of vote of all EC members shall then inform the individual(s) of the outcome of the vote.

Section 2: Resignation From Office

I. Any member of the USS Commonwealth that currently holds a position within the organization must present in writing to the Commanding Officer their reasons as to why they are resigning from their position.
II. In the event that both the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer resigns a special election for the office of Commanding Officer shall be held and Article 4, section 1 shall be followed.
In the event that a member of the Judge Advocate resigns from his/her position the Commanding Officer shall find a replacement from amongst the membership of the USS Commonwealth.

Article 7: Amendments

Section 1: Constitutional Amendments

I. This constitution of the USS Commonwealth may be amended or suspended either in whole or in part by an affirmative majority vote of the entire membership, in a manner consistent with the Membership Handbook and the parliamentary authority of the organization.

Section 2: Petitions for Amendments

I. An amendment may be placed before the membership for their approval after submission to and approval by the Judge Advocates or after receipt of a petition for an amendment. If the petition, the proposed amendment to be submitted must set forth at the top of each signature page of the petition, which must contain the signatures of 10% of the general membership, calculated as of the time of the petition is turned in to the Judge Advocates. The signatures of the petition will be verified by the Judge Advocates to ensure that every signee has a proper SCC number and is a member in good standing at that time.

Section 3: Cosmetic Changes

I. Should it be necessary to amend this constitution to correct spelling, mistakes in numbering, or similar grammatical errors, the membership by two thirds vote may authorize such cosmetic amendments, except that no such amendment may have the intent or effect altering the basic meaning, purpose, or function of any constitutional provision. Any and all substantive changes in this constitution must be undertaken as set forth in Article 7, Sections 1 and 2.

Article 8: Other Manuals

Section 1

I. The USS Commonwealth Membership Handbook shall be a guide to all members in matters of the daily operational aspects of the USS Commonwealth. Adoption of the Membership Handbook shall be empowered to adopt manuals of operation, Information, and procedures to assist the governance and administration of the USS Commonwealth, subject to the approval of a majority of all active membership of the USS Commonwealth, so long as they are not inconsistent with this constitution. These manuals may be revised as the Commanding Officer and Department heads deem necessary, and subject to the approval of a majority of the active membership.

Article 9: Parliamentary Authority

Section 1

I. The parliamentary authority of the USS Commonwealth shall be the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order newly Revised for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by this constitution, the Membership Handbook.
II. The official language for the USS Commonwealth shall be English. The Executive Committee may authorize translations of the USS Commonwealth documents into languages other than English. Such authorized translated documents may be used for all purposes for which the original documents were produced.